Web Design and Development

Design and develop stunning websites for your online success.

Elements of the website

Everything you can expect from our meticulous work.

Website Development

Whether it’s for startups or existing businesses, I offer website planning, design, and development services. My services cater to various businesses such as online stores, shops, restaurants, promotional websites, personal business websites, and revamping existing websites.

Responsive Web Design

With the increasing number of smartphone users and search queries, Google prioritizes displaying mobile-friendly websites in its search results. From an SEO perspective, responsive web design is essential. Whether on small smartphone screens or large desktop monitors, I place great importance on interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design.

Content Management System

The website will be equipped with a content management system (CMS), allowing customers to easily update website content, blog posts, latest news, and more. I utilise WordPress and create unique themes for each customer, instead of using templates that lack uniqueness and flexibility. Customers are not required to pay monthly fees for WordPress usage, significantly reducing long-term website operation costs.

Search Engine Optimization

While aligning with your company’s goals, the website will be set up according to Google search engine ranking criteria, including popular keywords, page loading speed, and proper coding practices. I will utilise Google Analytics [GA4] and Google Search Console to analyse web site performance, Ensuring it performs well and identifying areas for improvement, ultimately enhancing the website’s search rankings.


The website will be coded using HTML5 and CSS3 based on W3C standards. Correct usage of semantic coding is crucial for visually impaired or reading-impaired individuals using screen readers. It also aids in the discovery and understanding of web pages by search engine crawlers such as Google, making it essential for SEO.


According to your company’s business needs, we can also create websites that support multiple languages, such as Traditional Chinese, English, and Japanese.