The complete process of bringing your idea to life.

1. Enquiry and Initial Quotation.

Firstly, please contact us by filling out the enquiry form.

Simply provide the type of website you want to create and your email address, and we will provide an initial quotation.

2. Meeting

If you’re happy with the initial quote, please respond to the email to schedule an online meeting.

During the meeting, we can discuss your ideas in more detail and provide specific information, helping me gain a deeper understanding of your desired website.

For example,

  • Purpose and goals of website creation (e.g., increasing visibility, sales, etc.)
  • Target audience (e.g., gender, age, location, income level, etc.)
  • Design preferences (e.g., specific brand colors, preferred design style, etc.)
  • Expected website content, features, and number of pages
  • Your company’s current business activities, industry, and the advantages and unique features of your products/services
  • Budget and expected website launch date

3. Issue Detailed Quotation

Based on the discussion during the meeting, we will provide a comprehensive quotation.

It will include detailed information on our website proposal, website content, and service charges.

4. Contract Signing and Deposit Payment

If you accept my proposal, we will proceed with contract signing.

A deposit of 50% is required from the client prior to commencement.

5. Wireframe Creation

I will outline the necessary pages and create a blueprint (wireframe) that illustrates where specific content should be placed on each page and its layout.

6. Providing Website Content and Materials

Clients are required to submit the content and image materials to be published on the website. I will provide suggestions to enhance the provided content, such as optimizing it for SEO and ensuring clarity. Additionally, we will need the brand logo files, product images for the store, product catalogs, and relevant data.

If needed, we can offer additional services for logo design, professional photography and videography, royalty-free image usage, and content creation at an additional cost.

7. Website Development

Based on the wireframe and submitted materials, we will create a website prototype and proceed with coding.

Once the coding is complete and uploaded to the testing server, we will conduct thorough testing on computer browsers and smartphones to ensure the website functions properly and meets the required specifications.

8. Website Launch & Final Payment

After completing website testing, it will be uploaded and launched.

Clients are required to make the remaining 50% payment within five working days after the website is published.