Frequently Asked Question



I am unfamiliar with web development and unsure of what my website needs. What should I do?

Don’t worry, leave all the hassle of website creation to us.

You only need to tell us about your business and the purpose of the website, and we will propose a suitable development plan.

Is there a fee for consultations?

Consultations are free of charge. First, visit the Contact page and fill in the details for consultation or a quote request.

For more detailed consultations, we will conduct them through online meetings.

Is signing a contract necessary?

To protect the interests of both parties, we require a signed contract. The contract will outline the services included in the website development, the production period, and the launch date.

Is a deposit payment required?

After signing the contract, clients need to pay 50% of the production cost as a deposit. The deposit paid is non-refundable.

Can the project be canceled midway?

Yes, the project can be canceled midway, but the fees already paid are non-refundable.

I already have an existing website, can you help me with modifications?

It depends on the coding and architecture of the existing website. If the coding is outdated, a restructure of the website may be necessary for easier management and improved security.

If a complete reconstruction is not needed, we can still provide evaluation and improvement plans for the design and SEO aspects of the website.

Feel free to consult with us.


How long does the production period take?

The production period depends on the scale of the website, usually taking two to three weeks after the client submits the website content.

What do I need to prepare?

Clients need to provide the textual content for the website and relevant business images, such as store and product photos. We will discuss the required webpage content during the meeting. If there are any difficulties in providing the content, please raise them early, and we will suggest solutions. To present the content well on the website, we will refine the content as necessary.

Additionally, clients need to provide web hosting space and a website domain. As contracts and payments need to be made with the required service providers, we are unable to handle it on behalf of the client. If assistance is needed, we can provide help, such as recommending relevant service plans based on the website’s needs and assisting with applications. If there are any unclear areas, feel free to ask us.

Can I update the webpage content myself?

Clients can modify textual content and update images. However, adding new content or pages, changing designs or page layouts require coding knowledge, so clients without such knowledge should refrain from attempting it. During the design discussions, please confirm all design directions and areas that will require self-updating in the future.

Are there any additional fees after signing the contract?

If there is a need to modify design elements, functionality, etc., after signing the contract, there may be additional charges.

Can system development be carried out?

Yes, it is possible. However, system development requires a longer development time.


How will I receive the website?

Once the client confirms the website, I will make it live.

If there are other design files, they will be provided in Adobe Illustrator (ai file) or Photoshop (psd file) formats. This is convenient for clients to make future modifications or use them elsewhere.

Can you help me with content modifications?

After launching the website, there is a one-week period for free minor revisions.

If the client requires ongoing updates, maintenance, and backups, I will charge a monthly fee based on the service requirements.