About the designer

my journey to be a web designer

Nice to meet you!

First of all, thank you for coming here to get to know me.

Hello, I’m Crystal, originally from Hong Kong. I currently reside in Manchester. Previously, I was doing a master’s degree in Web Design in London.

During my university days, I dabbled in web development on my own. I created an online store selling imported accessories from Japan. Since my major was in business, I never thought I would become a web designer. However, after quitting my job in early 2020 and exploring possibilities for the future, I rediscovered my interest in web design (as it is one of the in-demand professions in the UK).

Initially, I started learning through online courses. To my surprise (considering my age), I found myself keeping up with the latest technologies 😆. Well, I should say I discovered my passion for web development. The old me would never have spent an entire day self-studying something diligently. Due to various reasons, I eventually came to the UK and completed the web design course (I’ll share more about my studies another time!).

Curious about my earlier years?

You might have already noticed some clues, but the truth is, as early as ten years ago, I had been contemplating immigration and had always yearned for a life abroad. In 2013, I studied in Kyoto, Japan, to learn the Japanese language. Later, I briefly worked in Kumamoto, but the Japanese work culture scared me away.

However, my subsequent jobs were still somehow connected to Japan (well, blame my only skill being Japanese language). Fortunately, my work allowed me to engage in design and photography. Working in a small Japanese-owned company in Hong Kong as a marketer, I was responsible for everything related to promotion, from design and printing to launching campaigns. Later, I moved to a Japanese camera lens brand, and thanks to the company’s generosity, I had the opportunity to handle those expensive photography equipment. Of course, I seized the chance to learn photography!

Over the past decade, I have tried many different things. Most of the time, I followed my instincts without meticulous planning. However, every experience has shaped the person I am today. When you put your heart into something, there will always be rewards.