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Service Features

Everything you can expect from our meticulous work.


Content Management System (CMS)
Easy to manage and update content

To ensure convenience for our customers to update website content anytime, all websites are equipped with a CMS. Whether it’s an e-commerce website, corporate website, or blog, customers can easily update content on their own. It provides flexibility and allows for swift changes to web content as needed.


Utilise Google SEO techniques
to enhance search result rankings.

By implementing SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Google can drive free traffic and attract customers to your website. I will support you by researching trending keywords relevant to your industry and structuring your website based on Google’s ranking guidelines.


In accordance with high standards
Pay attention to User Experience

Web accessibility and responsive web design are highly valued these days. I attach importance to the user experience of individuals with disabilities and visitors using various devices when designing and structuring web pages.


Customised Japanese design style
Meet your business needs

The designer specialises in studying Japanese design styles and will also propose suitable design solutions based on the type of business. Customers’ preferences for Japanese styles are welcomed, such as transparency, the minimalist MUJI style, natural and gentle style, traditional Japanese aesthetics, and more.


Tailored All-in-one Service
Providing comprehensive support

In addition to web design and development, Airy Studio also offer services such as brand logo design, professional product photography (limited to within the UK), content creation, digital marketing, and translation. Comprehensive assistance for growing your online business.


Handled by a dedicated individual
Prompt Responses and Adjustments

From website design and development to post-delivery support, all managed by one person. With a single point of contact, you can avoid the hassle of repetitive communication and have the designer promptly address any project-related needs.

Elements of the website

What does a well-designed website need?

Responsive Web Design

With the increasing number of smartphone users and search queries, Google prioritizes displaying mobile-friendly websites in its search results. From an SEO perspective, responsive web design is essential. Whether on small smartphone screens or large desktop monitors, I place great importance on interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design.

Content Management System

The website will be equipped with a content management system (CMS), allowing customers to easily update website content, blog posts, latest news, and more. I utilise WordPress and create unique themes for each customer, instead of using templates that lack uniqueness and flexibility. Customers are not required to pay monthly fees for WordPress usage, significantly reducing long-term website operation costs.

Search Engine Optimization

While aligning with your company’s goals, the website will be set up according to Google search engine ranking criteria, including popular keywords, page loading speed, and proper coding practices. I will utilise Google Analytics [GA4] and Google Search Console to analyse web site performance, Ensuring it performs well and identifying areas for improvement, ultimately enhancing the website’s search rankings.


About me

Nice to meet you!

Hello, I’m Crystal, originally from Hong Kong. I currently reside in Manchester. Previously, I was doing a master’s degree in Web Design in London.

Before coming to the UK, I worked for Japanese companies in Hong Kong, focusing on marketing-related tasks. Through these jobs, I gained exposure to various areas such as graphic design, print design, digital media, and commercial photography. It was during this time that I realised my passion for creativity surpassed my interest in marketing. Bringing a creative vision to life brought me immense satisfaction.

Reflecting on my journey, I believe my love for beautiful visuals may have originated during my time studying in Japan. I chose the enchanting city of Kyoto and attended a language school affiliated with an art university, immersing myself in Japanese art. It was likely during this period that the seed of becoming a designer was planted in me.